Associate Professor in Viticulture, Bordeaux Sciences Agro, France

The terroir: Definition, measurement and management

Jean-Philippe Roby is associate professor at Bordeaux Sciences Agro, agronomic school of Bordeaux, since 1998. He has been the Head of vine and wine unit for 10 years (1998-2008). He also works at ISVV (Vine and Wine Science Institute of Bordeaux) in the EGFV Joint Research Unit “Ecophysiology and Grape Functional Genomics” which gathers a wide range of interdisciplinary skills to study grapevine functioning and the factors determining grape quality. He has been the Head of Innovation and Technology Transfer department at ISVV (2009-2016). Jean-Philippe Roby research topics include vine ecophysiology and terroir management. He is today director  of publication of Oeno-One international journal, scientific peer review in open access. He is also an international consultant in viticulture specialized on Terroir management in Europe, Caucase and United States.

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