Professor in Vegetable crops, University of Foggia, Italy

Soilless systems for growing leafy vegetables

Already Member of: a) GEV07 for VQR 2011-2014; b) Committee for the Italian National Scientific Qualification c) Expert Evaluators Panel for Italian Research projects (PRIN) and EU projects; d) Academic Senate of the University of Foggia. Chair of the BS Course in Agricultural Science and Technology, Foggia University. Member Board of the PhD Course in Innovation Management Systems in Agro-Food of the Med. Regions. Chair of the Vegetable Crops Section of the Italian Society of Horticulture (SOI) (2007 – 2012). Main scientific interests on vegetable crops: 1) mineral nutrition; 2) agronomical techniques on yield and quality; 3) ecosustainability of agronomical techniques; 4) management of soilless systems under Mediterranean conditions; 5) protected cultivations; 6) nursery plant production; 7) effect of mycorrhizal inoculation; 8) control of parasitic orobancaceae; 9) crop modelling and DSS in managing irrigation and fertilization. Author of about 190 papers. Scopus: papers= 57; citations= 884; HI= 17; (Aug. 2017). 

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